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From your public-facing website to your back-end organizational processes, Advantage CSP unifies your enterprise for efficiency.

Centrally manage thousands of sites using just one interface

30% faster development and deployment time compared to a traditional CMS

Spend less time on coding and more time on scaling your business

Do you know the truth about
Enterprise Content Management?

Go beyond a traditional content management system. Welcome to the modern web.
Performance, experience and security - Advantage CSP is a fully extensible platform to easily build business applications that everyone on your team, from developers to marketers, will love.

What makes Advantage CSP different?

Unprecedented Efficiency 

The multi-tenant architecture enables multi-site and multi-language deployments from a single dashboard. Effortlessly help your team efficiently create beautiful digital experiences for every user on any device. Achieve true flexibility and power.

Winning Performance

In a world where a half-a-second could mean losing a customer, our intelligent architecture allows for faster performance and better results, compared to a traditional CMS. Advantage CSP enables true flexibility and offers full control over your content.

Immersive Experience

When you need more than “just a website”, Advantage CSP enables you to create immersive experiences, by allowing you to move data intelligently. Delivering unique microservices through powerful business applications is easy.

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Get to Market Faster

Built from the ground up, Advantage CSP consistently wins over new fans because of how simple it is to build on the platform. We have intelligently engineered the platform in two parts, the protected core that communicates via our API to any client-side component built on the platform. Your team can freely and concurrently build solutions without affecting the core, allowing you to build faster without the hassles of a traditional CMS architecture.

Multi-site CMS


Advantage CSP makes managing multiple properties easy! Leveraging the multi-tenant architecture, Advantage CSP supports multi-site and multi-language capabilities from a single admin dashboard and license. Your team will save hundreds of hours being able to manage your ecommerce, corporate, microsite or applications from a single powerful dashboard with granular permissions for every team and user. No longer are you wasting time duplicating content and code, and managing multiple CMS deployments.

Affordable CMS

Achieve Significant Savings

The intuitive interface allows you to focus on what matters most - managing your content. Compared to traditional CMS, Advantage CSP can help you achieve cost savings by reducing the time you spend on development, implementation, training and maintenance. Our robust framework is lightweight, yet it powers some of the most complex applications in the world. A CMS is more than just software to publish a blog. Advantage CSP excels at delivering business-focused applications at a fraction of the cost.

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Security and Endless Scalability

Built with security and scalability in mind, Advantage CSP utilizes Microsoft's foundational framework and inherits all of Microsoft's latest security technology. Architected as a business framework and leveraging Microsoft's Azure cloud, Advantage CSP scales as your business grows, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Bottom line savings and results for every team

Finally gain control of your entire digital presence 

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Fully extensible .NET framework and streamlined architecture

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