Continuing Education


Stay up-to-date with compliance regulations.

Reduce administrative burden, solve business problems, and identify opportunities to improve continuing education activities – all through a single platform.

Advantage CSP: Continuing Education (CE) automates administration, empowers learners with self-service tools, and collects valuable data on continuing education activities.

With Advantage CSP: CE, your business can develop a robust program that meets the particular requirements of your continuing education needs. Replace paper-based record-keeping with real-time automated updates.

Save on administration costs, with improved accuracy and an intuitive self-serve member experience.


Intelligent Engine Built-in

The Advantage CSP CE was built with an intelligent agent that reduces and streamlines regulatory compliance management. Equipped with a smart rules engine, our CE solution allows administrators to create a set of smart rules to automatically enable or disengaged users' participation in a specific courses, reducing the time administrators spending managing member compliance, inquiries and support. With Advantage CSP CE solution we make regulatory compliance a breeze.

Single Source of Regulatory Truth

Ensure your organization or association members are 100% compliant. Get away from spreadsheets, and start working smarter, while reducing time to manage, audit and report on your member's regulatory compliance requirements. The Advantage CSP Continuing Education Solution (CA) enables administrators to manage the lifecycle of your user's credentials and ensure each member remains in good standing. With our CE solution you will gain a single source of global information on your members, always knowing the exact the status of your member activities.


Easily Achieve 100% Compliance 

Through Advantage CSP's automated CE tools and features, we make it easy to achieve regulatory compliance.

simple and easy to use tools

With dozens of content tools and functions, administrators can quickly build out dynamic and diverse programs to help your organization reach full compliance more easily than ever before. 

Intelligent agent

Build sophisticated CE courses that can take advantage of our advance sorting and intelligent CE engine to automatically serve the right courses to your learners based on specific rules, credits, time or conditions.

Analytics and reporting

Finally gain powerful analytics that enable you to measure both learner understanding and the effectiveness of your learning materials.

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