Canadian Bankers Association

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Canadian Bankers Association

Canadian Bankers Association

Recognized as one of Canada's longest standing associations, the Canadian Bankers Association works on behalf of dozens of domestic and foreign banks, branches, subsidiaries, and their 280,000 employees, and acts as a central contact for all banking matters in Canada..

Advantage CSP Use Cases

Increase community and member engagement, along with reaching the organization's revenue goals with new digital tools .

Advantage CSP Solutions

Advantage CSP's web content solution enabled CBA's communications team to accelerate their expansive content library with a secure, fast and easy-to-use platform.

The CBA, being the voice of leading financial institutions utilized Advantage CSP's decoupled multi-tenant, multi-site architecture to build 3 digital project targeting each property's unique target audience.

The CBA is required to product content in both English and French, Advantage CSP was able to support their multilingual requirements with ease.

Advantage CSP Use Case Results

The CBA reduced content duplication, headaches and personnel resources dedicated to developing content with Advantage CSP's multisite and multilingual capabilities, operating 6 digital properties into a single solution.

Improved content personalisation through powerful search, filtering, tagging and taxonomy capabilities through 3 digital properties targeting unique audiences in both English and French.

Increased speed to market with a fast and scalable solution. Advantage CSP Cloud solution gave the CBA greater scalability and reduced overhead for its internal teams.

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