Simplifying the way CE, Audits, and Certification are managed


As the governing body for dentists in Ontario, the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) protects the public's right to quality dental services and provides leadership to dentists.

The RCDSO is responsible for setting the education and qualifications necessary to enter the profession, while also administering quality assurance programs that members are required to participate in to help maintain their competence. Additionally, the RCDSO develops professional and ethical standards and guidelines to be followed by more than 9,300 dentists and provides a complaint and investigation process for people who feel that the standards had not been met.

With such a mandate, the RCDSO required a platform that could meet the unique requirements of its organization and satisfy both present and future regulatory requirements.

After kicking off the project with another solution, the RCDSO found their original choice was expensive, inflexible, and ultimately did not meet its requirements.


RCDSO selected Advantage CSP as the foundation of its digital ecosystem. The first of the projects deployed by the Advantage CSP Solutions Partner was the main RCDSO association website.

The deployment features a fully mobile-optimized solution that allows RCDSO to manage several web properties from a single instance of the CMS, each with a unique user experience, and different content and administrators. The solution includes unique features, such as document management, complaints management and workflow, events, news, alerts, forms and much more.

The success of the website project and ease-of-use of the CMS encouraged RCDSO to take advantage of Advantage CSP's extensibility and flexibility, leading to multiple special projects to serve regulatory, continuing education and member recertification purposes.

First was a web-based assessment tool with a unique data model designed to meet the stringent regulatory requirements and operational process set forth by RCDSO and the Ontario Ministry of Health. The solution required 100% accuracy in the delivery of data to comply with government regulations and meet organizational standards.

Second, to comply with new government regulations, RCDSO needed to create an online system for professional assessment that allowed its members to demonstrate their competency in key areas of practice. Such a tool was easy to describe in theory, but difficult to produce.

The result is RCDSO e-portfolio, a continuing education platform built on Advantage CSP CE and the RCDSO Practice Enhancements Tool utilizing Advantage CSP Certification.

The system has processed more than 9,000 members to date and continues to be a strategic part of the RCDSO mandate.

The e-Portfolio solution, built with Advantage CSP CE, facilitates the transition from a paper-based process to an online web-based system. e-Portfolio features courses and events, subdivided by activity type and further segmented by category offering. Using an intuitive and user-friendly interface, members track and manage their progress and profile, viewpoint status, filter and search for relevant content, view course details, upload proof of attendance, and print or request their transcripts, ensuring good standing with both the College and Ministry.

The platform features robust reporting and a random member selection used for user audits. e-Portfolio give the RCDSO Quality Assurance department complete control of the platform, with content tools allowing them to manage courses, events, and other application content, all in an easy-to-use backend.

The result is a comprehensive system, built on the extensible Advantage CSP framework, that has become an integral part of the RCDSO digital strategy and a critical part of its day-to-day operations.

Advantage CSP delivers on its promise as an extensible and flexible framework, enabling the RCDSO to meet its commitments quickly and cost-effectively, while also lowering administrative costs by transposing offline business process to a self-serve digital solution.


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