Mobile Apps & Kiosks

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Create engaging mobile experiences that keep your customers coming back for more.

With new technologies comes better UI, user experience and the ability for enhanced user interaction. Gone are simply static text and images that the user scrolls through. Your content can now be presented through fully interactive applications filled with music, video, animations, transitions and various other multimedia to engage the user and encourage them to explore rather than simply read.

With Advantage CSP, users can share your digital content across an endless number of channels via one click publishing.

Powering a content managed apps and other immersive experiences has never been easier. Allow administrators to update content within the CMS without having to release a new version of your app – that means no review processes with app stores, and no unnecessary app updates for end-users.

Building your app on top of the platform that powers your existing business applications allows you to leverage your core investment, and make use of organizational workflow and security rules.

mylan health coach

Key Features 

  • Instant offline storage
  • Data sync
  • Push notification
  • Message box
  • Rewards
  • Directory management
  • Web forms
  • Product management
  • Payment processing
  • Manage content such as news, events, video, images, animations and more.
  • API querying capabilities
  • Separation of content and presentation
  • Multi experience support (Multi screen and app)
  • Multi-language support
  • Social media integration
  • Analytics

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