Optimizing a complex sales process


iDirect Government, LLC (IDirect), a wholly owned subsidiary of VT iDirect, Inc., is a satellite communications vendor offering IP communications technology that enables constant connectivity for voice, video and data applications in diverse and challenging environments. Created in 2008 to serve the diverse and specialized needs of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and civilian government agencies, iDirect is singularly focused on offering the best satellite communications products and services to support diverse government operations both domestically and internationally. 

iDirect sought to recreate its corporate website, along with its Technical Assistance Center Website (TAC Website) and create new resource portal for its global sales team, while adopting a new content management system (CMS) that would serve as the foundation for its digital ecosystem. 

iDirect’s corporate website is a core component of iDirect’s global presence and marketing efforts. The website serves as the main focal point for corporate news, product information, sales inquiries, online training and customer education. With that, the stakeholders at iDirect felt the current website did not fully represent iDirect’s new branding direction and had a number functional constraints due to the technology. More importantly, the website failed to adopt the latest best practices in search engine optimization (SEO), and could not easily scale to meet the organization's growing requirements.

These constraints, along with the desire for new design elements, warranted a complete overhaul of iDirect's web presence. 


iDirect's unique service offering, coupled with the need to modernize and transform, led the business to select Advantage CSP as the foundation for its new digital platform.

iDirect's digital platform, built on Advantage CSP, is a multi-site deployment, consisting of the core website, designed around the concept of solution based sales, along with a robust technical support portal (TAC) and a dealer/sales portal. 

iDirect's deployment takes advantage of a number of core Advantage CSP features, from product management, product comparison, document management, online course registration, commerce, blogs, news, advanced search and social media integration.

iDirect's technical support portal leverages Advantage CSP's personalization engine, enabling customers to be profiled based on the type of product they are licensed for and, based on those results, are served relevant information such as news, alerts, and product updates, along with supporting documents and resources consisting of users manuals, setup guides and system patches.

iDirect's dealer portal leverages the TAC's foundation for document management and personalization, but is geared at serving their internal and external sales teams and dealers by providing them quick access to sales and marketing material, segmented by product offering.

Finally, with the deployment of Advantage CSP, iDirect is able to take advantage of the CMS's robust search unit that facilitates improved product findability for consumers and partners. Advantage CSP also features a rigorous workflow that routes publishing from the content initiator through to writers, subject matter experts, layout specialists, legal review, and publishing administrators.


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