YWCA Case Study

Advancing a More Human Experience with Multiple Audiences

Who are the Ontario Association of Architects

The Ontario Association of Architects is a self-regulating organization governed by the Architects Act, which is a statute of the Government of Ontario. The Association is dedicated to promoting and increasing the knowledge, skill and proficiency of its members, and administering the Architects Act, to serve and protect the public interest.

Advantage CSP Case Study Challenge

Build a multi-experience digital platform to serve the needs of OAA members and the role it plays as a regulator for the public.

Advantage CSP Case Study Solution

Empowered administrators with easy-to-use content tools within a unified platform. Allowing for simplified processes and better engagement.

The OAA deployed a public website, member portal and micro-sites utilizing Advantage CSP’s multi-tenant, multi-site capabilities on a single deployment..

Advantage CSP Case Study Results

Unified and streamlined the OAA's information architecture, user experience and processes supporting admin in the management of content, increasing community and member engagement.

As a public regulator, the OAA was able to improve transparency, trust and integrity through more accessible tools such as their Practice Advisory Knowledge Base. 

Advantage CSP is inherently built for ADA / AODA / WCAG 2.0 Level compliance, allowing the OAA to deliver a beautiful, mobile responsive digital presence to its members and public while being accessibility compliant.

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