Advantage CSP Architecture

Go beyond traditional and headless CMS platforms, and build digital products faster.

Take a look at how Advantage CSP functions behind the scenes, and learn what makes the architecture of this content services platform unique from the competition.

advantage csp architecture

Advantage Presentation Layer

The presentation layer is easily manipulated by developers and end users.

Developers work with templates, layouts and modules.

  • Templates contain the overall theme of the site (stylesheets, global jQuery/JavaScript, etc.).
  • Layouts contain the basic structure of a page design (columns, rows, etc.).
  • Modules are the specific UI components and processes that work with the Advantage business layer.


Advantage Business Layer

The Business Layer process allows for complete abstraction from all aspects of the database. It allows for easy manipulation and extension of business objects (new data properties and methods) and all CRUD operations. All published information or business data is versioned and date/time stamped.  This allows for businesses to:

  • Roll back to a previous state
  • Perform forensic analysis of user changes
  • Assist in meeting regulatory guidelines for data state retention.

Developers work with Business entities and tool controls.

  • Business entities – an inherited class that allows for business data properties to be defined and a complete abstraction of any database related operations. 
  • Tool controls – An inherited user control that interfaces with Advantage CSP to manage business entities. Developers perform only the operations necessary to display data to the screen, and retrieve screen content for saving.


Advantage Data Layer

The Data Layer handles all communication with Advantage CSP.  Developers are not required to perform any database schema decisions or calls. If a developer is required to work outside the parameters of the platform, the Data Layer has a number of functions to simplify database activity.

Platform Diagrams

Explore the diagrams in the slideshow below to see how Advantage CSP's architecture is different from a traditional or headless CMS.

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