Promoting healthy Lifestyle for your Employees and customers


As one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world, Mylan was exploring ways to grow market reach and strengthen its brand with both pharmacies and customers.

For Mylan to differentiate itself from the competition and gain an advantage in an extremely competitive industry, it sought to develop an innovative patient tool and supportive resource: a health and wellness portal that could be deployed and built as a free in-pharmacy service.

At this time, Mylan’s global digital team had already begun standardizing 86 regional websites on the Sitecore platform. The team's original plan was to develop the health portal on the foundation of their current investment. But in the process, they learned the budget required to execute their vision, and the time it would take to customize the platform, made the project unattainable on Sitecore.

The Canadian Mylan Marketing team truly believed in the program and wanted to bring their vision to life as originally intended. They successfully petitioned for permission to break away from their U.S directive for Sitecore standardization and began the search for a platform that would allow them to execute their original vision.


Mylan sought a truly unique platform that would allow it to develop its program without the normal technology and vendor restrictions that came with other platforms. This led them to select Advantage CSP Health Portal.

The result is the Mylan Health Coach; a free, in-pharmacy program developed to improve patient health, encourage brand loyalty, and ultimately drive sales for both Mylan and its more than 10,000 independent pharmacies. The portal allows for one-on-one counseling sessions with a Registered Dietitian, and for member patients to book appointments, access resources and track their progress. The Health portal provides members of the Mylan Health Coach program with a personalized digital experience, offering resources and solutions that support and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Advantage CSP enabled Mylan to achieve its business goals and build out a truly unique online experience.


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