Building a Better Extranet with Advantage CMS


Iridium's 66 low-orbiting satellites form Earth's largest commercial satellite network and make it the only company capable of offering truly global coverage for voice and data communications.

Iridium sought to consolidate nine individual websites into a single platform that would support a public-facing website, an extranet, and a partner ecosystem.

Iridium issued an RFP for its desired solution. From the RFP responses, it was clear there were many choices for digital marketing solutions, yet few that could offer the flexibility and affordability needed to build out the business's online processes. Many of the solutions came bundled with exorbitant licensing and development costs or lacked the ability in their foundational architecture to support custom business applications.

Iridium needed a truly unique platform that would allow it to scale its digital activities and not put constraints on the business. 


Iridium's unique service offering, coupled with its uncompromising and forward-thinking approach, led the business to select Advantage CSP as the foundation for its new digital platform.

The heart of the Iridium ecosystem is Iridium for Partners, a robust partner extranet built with Advantage CSP Portal, that facilitates some core online business processes. Advantage CSP Portal allows Iridium's partners to self-serve and, more importantly, gives Iridium’s internal teams the ability to properly service their dealers with minimal overhead.

Features of Advantage CSP Portal include tools such as product onboarding and certification tracks, role-based personalized access, secure documents with embargoed country security, alerts management with built-in email relay integration, reporting and audit controls, Active Directory integration, configured workflow, and much more.

Another unique operational solution developed on the platform is the service-level constellation dashboard, which enables Iridium’s customer care team to communicate the status of each of its 66 satellites in orbit, allowing the business to meet service level commitments to its customers, partners and dealers.

The platform features a robust search that facilitates improved product findability for consumers and partners. Advantage CSP also contains a rigorous workflow that routes publishing from the content initiator through to writers, subject matter experts, layout specialists, legal review, and publishing administrators.


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