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Innovating the car buying experience

Advantage CSP - Data Hub
Car Jiffi, Data Hub

Car Jiffi - Data Hub

CarJiffi allows customer focused dealerships like CarHub to provide the entire car buying process on their website through a simplified process and enhanced customer experience. Enabling an all-in-one solution for payment options, trade-in, finance application & add-ons to collecting deposit & delivery setup in one place.

Advantage CSP Use Cases

Simplifying a complex online buying experience with multiple data integrations.

Advantage CSP Solutions

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Simplified the online car buying experience by creating a delightful experience for customers by combining payment options, trade-in, finance applications, add-ons to collecting deposit & delivery setup into a single solution.

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CarJiffi leverages the Advantage CSP's Data Hub solution, custom content tools and multi-experience offerings. With more than 50% of features available out-of-the box it allowed their team to focus on their specific business and technical requirements.

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Delivered a multi-dealer customer car buying experience, along with the centralization of their data that is derived from a number of third-party services, such as Chrome Data, Black Book Research, Rates, Dealer Management System, and more.

Advantage CSP Use Case Results

Simplified the process of buying a car by combining multiple complex steps into a one-stop solution dealerships can customize into a delightful experience.

Increased dealership team operations and efficiency by reducing the amount of pre-application process in the car buying process.

Provided customers with clear and transparent pricing and options, in an experience that is typically met by customers with mistrust. CarJiffi enables dealerships to build trust and delight users.

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