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Capstone Infrastructure

Capstone Infrastructure Corporation is an independent, pure-play power producer focused on providing clean, renewable energy to homes and businesses across North America. Capstone currently develops, owns and operates thermal and renewable power generation facilities with a total installed capacity of 605 megawatts.

Advantage CSP Use Cases

Modernizing their digital platform to deliver custom experiences for multiple audiences.

Advantage CSP Solutions

Refreshed corporate brand with improved information architecture, resulting in better customer experience.

Capstone Infrastructure utilized Advantage CSP’s multi-site architecture to deliver customer experiences to different audiences.

Advantage CSP Use Case Results

Improved user experience by increasing the site speed, simplifying and organizing information architectures.

Improved Capstone’s ability to communicate and market specific projects to their target audience.

Reduced Capstone Infrastructure’s time spent creating and distributing content on their digital platforms.

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