Enabling a Data Driven Approach for Animal Surveillance



The Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System (CAHSS) is a collection of networks for animal health surveillance that brings together and uses data-driven information to illustrate animal health, reduce disease impacts, and direct national goals for animal health planning across Canada.  Today, each primary CAHSS network revolves around a specific issue or animal type. Primary networks are linked together through 'all CAHSS' events and network leadership groups to share information and best surveillance practices.

Advantage CSP Case Study Challenge

Build a multi-site / multi-experience digital platform to enable CAHSS' Data-Drive National network.

Advantage CSP Case Study Solution

Refreshed corporate brand with improved information architecture, resulting in better customer experience.

Developed consistent and easy-to-use tools across multiple sites to reduce pain with administrators and empower content creators.

Developed multi-experience platform leveraging Advantage CSP’s multi-tenant, multi-site capabilities on a single deployment..

Advantage CSP Case Study Results

Unified and streamlined the CAHSS' information architecture, user experience and processes supporting admin in the management of content, flow of data and information collaboration across their network and partners.

Reduced CAHSS' time spent creating and distributing content across multiple digital platforms.

Improved CAHSS’ ability to communicate and market specific research projects, critical updates and scientific analysis to their target audience.

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