Learn how an offline process was DIGITIZED for efficiency


The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) of the Greater Toronto Area was aiming to modernize a number of its services for greater efficiency and member satisfaction. This included the redesign and development of its main association website and member portal.

At the time, BILD's existing site was starting to show its age, while its vendor was also dropping support for Ektron, the platform it was built on. BILD needed to move quickly to ensure continuity in member services. As a result, it embarked on a project to refresh its ecosystem.

BILD’s vision for its next association website was to go beyond traditional content management, as it was seeking to expand its digital offering. Its goal was to transpose a number of paper-based, manual processes onto the web, and for this, BILD needed a foundation that would allow it to achieve its vision without the same types of constraints experienced on their legacy platform.

BILD had also identified some inefficient processes related to its annual awards event, which had its own microsite. At the time, BILD was still using conventional paper forms to process registration and payment for entries, as well as to judge award entries. This was a source of frustration within the organization. In some cases, these manual processes created opportunities for human error and required BILD staff to work overtime to meet deadlines.

BILD saw an opportunity to automate the entire event administration process but had not been successful in implementing it, primarily due to the rigidity of other award-based systems. It was too difficult to meet the stakeholders' uncompromising requirements with an off-the-shelf solution.


Members of the BILD team had recently completed a successful deployment for a BILD-affiliated site, Renomark, which was built on Advantage CSP. The Renomark website featured the main information website, with an additional 40 regional chapter websites all running from a single instance of Advantage CSP.

Based on the success of this project, and the organization's investment in the platform, BILD selected Advantage CSP as the foundation for the association's entire digital presence, with the addition of the Awards Management solution to automate the event administration process.

The processes BILD administrators would need were engineered from the ground up to meet the organization’s specific requirements and are integrated into their deployment of Advantage CSP. It powers not just the main association website, but also PCA, BILD Awards and Renomark Awards public-facing microsites.

Advantage CSP allowed BILD to achieve its business goals and create a unique online experience. As a result of the organization's forward-thinking approach, and the new tools offered by Advantage CSP and Awards Manager, BILD has been able to modernize, consolidate and introduce a number of new programs.

The impact of the Awards Manager application is felt throughout the organization. The application positions BILD for future success and cost savings, while also showcasing the association’s vision and expertise in modernizing its infrastructure and improving membership services.

Feedback on the Awards Manager has been overwhelmingly positive, and as a result, has seen continuous investment to further refine the processes involved in the management of the BILD and Renomark Awards programs.


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