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If you're not already familiar with 9 Story, your kids probably are.

9 Story Media Group is a leading content creator, producer, and distributor representing more than 2,500 half hours of animated and live action kids and family programming. Its roster includes world-recognized shows like Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood, Wild Kratts, Numb Chucks, and Peg + Cat, and is shown on some of the most respected international channels and platforms.

To secure new opportunities, 9 Story's sales team needed to be able to show clips of any of its shows at a moment's notice but were increasingly finding that streaming options either weren't reliable or even possible if internet connections weren't available.

As a result, 9 Story sought a solution to provide a secure method of distributing up-to-date creative collateral to its sales team in areas where they might not have internet access.


9 Story had already successfully completed the deployment of its main corporate website and extranet on Advantage CSP. Its team was comfortable with the platform and understood its investment could be extended by leveraging it further as the foundation for its sales tool.

One of the key requirements of the solution was to leverage the data repository of their extranet and the existing website infrastructure, built on Advantage CSP, to serve the content to the app.

With that, 9 Story leveraged the headless capabilities of Advantage CSP to develop an iPad app that would allow reps to download and save rich media content and marketing collateral to present on-demand during presentations and meetings. All of the video content stored for use on the extranet and website was automatically made available to its sales team via a custom, B2B mobile app.

As a result, 9 Story reps now have all sales and marketing materials readily available to them – regardless of internet connectivity. Content for the website, extranet and iPad app is managed using a single set of tools, making updates easy and efficient for administrators. When a new video is posted to the website, it is automatically available to the sales team as well. For pre-release content, special provisions ensure it can be viewed securely without being available publicly, saving the sales team from needing to make follow-up visits for additional viewings.

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