Advantage CSP certification

Create, deliver, track, manage and measure training programs with Advantage CSP’s sophisticated certification solution.

Advantage CSP: Certification enables teams to author and distribute learning content everywhere. With the Advantage Framework, your business can build engaging training and development content that enables performance and drives business results. Create engaging assessments that help more members stay certified and on top of their credentials.

Advantage CSP certification

Key Features 

  • Manage multiple training types effectively
  •  Apply assessments to measure training success
  •  Run an infinite amount of assessments for different users all from one place
  •  Create eLearning in a collaborative environment
  •  Deliver personalized learning for individuals and groups
  •  FAQs
  •  Sell courses and courseware 
  •  Manage online payments
  •  Manage training resource
  •  Document management
  • Support for different questions Types
  • Digital Asset management 
  • Report, audit and analyze 
  • Share content with other digital properties, apps, websites and portals
  • Integrate with your solution with other enterprise systems with flexible APIs
  • Role based security, integrate with active directory for organizational management 
  • Secure Publishing and workflow
  • Profile Management
  • Single Sign-on 
  • Optimized for mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones

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