Advantage CSP's Public Web API, allows you to create and consume any content/data from  any provisioned business object within Advantage CSP. This allows developers the freedom to integrate and build any modern web application utilizing Advantage CSP as a Headless Content Delivery Platform.

The main benefits of using these services are the following:

  • Support for multiple RESTful API services (Note, this is not your typical REST API)
  • User-friendly UI for configuration of services
  • Control over the set of content types that are exposed
  • Option to allow anonymous access per profile or type
  • Easy access to related data
  • Auto-generated API reference
  • Support for saved queries and calculated fields
  • Ability to specify select returned fields, plus master ID and version 

The Advantage API allows developers to easily setup and access any defined Business Object quickly and securely. Granular control can be configured from the Advantage CSP admin console. Client-side consumers can easily access the data using standard web ajax calls or may use the Advantage API Wrapper, which makes retrieving data simple. 

Building multi-experience digital products has never been simpler, and while going Headless may make sense in certain scenarios, Advantage CSP hold true to it promise; giving both line of business and developers to choice to choose their approach and technology. stack.


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