Advance Analytics with TrialFire

Advantage CSP is fully integrated with TrialFire to provide users with unprecedented insights to their data.. 

TrialFire empowers users to collect data, develop sophisticated reporting, get and deeper analysis, to better understand your customer's journey in the digital era.

TrialFire allows you to make better decisions from your data. It works by effortlessly deriving value from your data from behavioural analytics and marketing attribution into a single customer data platform, within Advantage CSP.

Marketing Attribution

Truly understand the impact of each marketing touchpoint along the customer journey to credit the right channels and optimize for the highest ROI. With TrialFire you are able to correctly credit marketing touch points when customer journeys are so complex by using the Shapley Value Formula to fairly attribute revenue or conversions to the right channels based on how they perform in concert. This is not something that can be achieved by a simple rule like what was the last ad that someone clicked on. Trialfire data-driven attribution considers all touchpoints and measures how they work together.

Behavioral Analytics

Deliver better experiences, while converting more visitors. Trialfire removes the obstacles to tracking customer behavior across the journey providing high-resolution visibility to support better decisions and drive better results. Traditional solutions like Google Analytics require a lot of coding and heavy lifting to deliver value. As a result, much of the customer journey isn't tracked leaving marketing and customer experience teams with major blindspots in their data. These blind spots, along with the inability to tie actual people to their behaviors limits the ability to optimize for growth.

Customer Data Platform

Centralize customer data to fuel better decisions and campaigns. With TrialFire you will finally gain a 360-degree view of your customers from their first anonymous visit to their latest transaction. Customer data is often siloed - anonymous traffic data, email marketing systems, CRMs, order systems and more. This makes it extremely difficult to analyze customer value, deliver a cohesive communication strategy, and understand how efforts across the organization work together to achieve common goals.

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