Full-Text Search

Based on the Keyoti Search Unit, Advantage CSP built in search provides a relevant result, flexibility, and ease-of-use.

Search Unit retrieves the appropriate data from the database and stores it in an index file. When website visitors submit a search query, the index and the results are returned. The index is automatically updated whenever the corresponding website content changes.

Since searches are performed on index files, the results returned are significantly faster than when using serial searches against the database. This also ensures that searching is scalable, even for very large volumes of data.

Developers and power users have full control over the content of every search index. You can specify which pages and documents from your CMS should be included in an index and which should be ignored.

Additionally, the search functionality can be limited to visitors, according to assigned permissions. This ensures that data from secured website sections are not displayed to unauthorized users in search results.

Advantage CSP also provides File Search Support (built-in indexing of attached document content). It means that you can search within files and attachments such as.PDF, .doc, .xls, etc.

Advantage CSP's predictive search displays results immediately as visitors type search queries. Visitors to your website can see results before submitting their query.

The Search Unit returns results to visitors for words that are only approximate matches. Typo-tolerant searching allows visitors to obtain correct results even if there are misspelled words in the search expression.

Advantage CSP lets visitors search for synonyms of words defined in the search query. Search requests that use the "Any word or synonyms" search mode allow visitors to find a wider set of results based on synonyms. The synonym search works by expanding all words in the search expression into a list of synonyms.

The search unit offers several customization options. You can select which object data fields should be searchable, and define the exact format and layout of search results. Search Unit runs on the Keyoti .NET library, which allows integration with other external indexing or search services.

Advantage CSP also allows you to use a custom-written search provider, or to integrate a third-party search engine.

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