Dynamic Widgets

Widgets are elements that can be placed onto pages and drag-and-drop reorganized to create any layout you desire. Widgets provide static, dynamic, or interactive content, such as Forms, lists of the latest news, galleries, etc. Widgets allow users without technical knowledge to easily create interactive pages with rich media and dynamic content.

Widgets enable administrators to modify more than just a page's text and images. The global design of the page can be adapted and any functionality implemented by a widget, which can be inserted with a couple of clicks.

Widgets give content managers more flexibility, as they can make nearly any front-end changes themselves instead of asking a developer to adjust the page design.

Advantage CSP is delivered with a rich selection of built-in widgets that covers a broad range of functionality. The base feature set can be extended by adding a feature based on an existing web part, and developers can create widgets with new functionality using Visual Studio.

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