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Grow your cause and spread the word about your nonprofit’s mission or educational efforts, engage new supporters, fundraise in more ways online—do all this and more when you join Advantage CSP for Nonprofits and Education.

everything you now and tomorrow

Advantage CSP is a low-code platform that has everything your organization needs for your needs today and tomorrow. Be empowered with enterprise grade tools and functionality at an SMB price point. Implement transformative business improvement within your organization by increasing staff collaboration, while reducing efficiencies with smart workflow. Reach and engage more members, and grow your audiences with Advantage CSP. Manage all your digital projects with a single solution, that grows with your needs.

Advantage CSP for Nonprofits & Education

The Advantage CSP for Nonprofits & Education program offers a discounted plans to eligible organizations.

Work better together

Advantage CSP has all the tools to increase your team's productivity and efficiency. Simply put Advantage CSP requires less resources to manage all your digital projects. From easy-to-use tools to smart workflows. Advantage CSP will make your life easier.

increase member engagement

Advantage CSP will enable your organization to activate online e-commerce functions for easier donation/member management while finally being able to customize your communications to your specific audiences.

unified platform

Advantage CSP grows with your organization's needs without the needs for expensive technology procurements or re-platforming every 5 years. Enjoy a single, unified experience for your clients, supporters, members, funders, volunteers, and affiliates

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