Get More Out of SharePoint with Advantage CSP

Introducing the SharePoint Connector for Advantage CSP, a game-changing integration that brings the power of two industry-leading platforms together. Seamlessly bridging the gap between Advantage CSP's robust content management capabilities and SharePoint's extensive collaboration and document management features, this connector unlocks a world of possibilities for businesses. With the SharePoint Connector, organizations can effortlessly leverage the strengths of both platforms, enabling streamlined content creation, seamless content sharing, and enhanced collaboration. Whether it's syncing documents, managing workflows, or accessing SharePoint's rich set of tools, the Advantage CSP SharePoint Connector empowers businesses to harness the full potential of their content management and collaboration strategies. Say goodbye to siloed processes and welcome a new era of efficiency and productivity with the Advantage CSP SharePoint Connector.

With the Advantage CSP SharePoint Connector, you're able to deploy more sophisticated business applications like intranet that is automatically connected to your organization's SharePoint Asset Library or a Board portal for seamless access to documents. 

Furthermore, our seamless integration unlocks SharePoint's powerful features such as:

Content Sharing Across Sites

 Enable seamless content sharing across sites with the ability to define and deploy templates containing different document types and columns to libraries and lists. This ensures standardized assets such as announcements, invoices, and expenses, using a defined metadata structure that includes key details like name and department. Share and reuse these templates across site collections, promoting consistency and efficiency.

Streamlined Records Management

 Experience simplified records management within SharePoint, eliminating the need for a separate record centre. Admins can designate any SharePoint document as a record and apply customized protection rights. This feature is particularly beneficial for organizations focused on record retention and protection, allowing for easier management and control of important documents.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft 365 Services

 Leverage the seamless integration of SharePoint with other Microsoft 365 apps and services, including Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, and Stream. Users can effortlessly modify email attachments, OneDrive files, and Teams documents, while the updates sync in real-time with SharePoint content. This integration enhances collaboration and ensures that the latest information is consistently accessible across platforms.

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