Social Engagement with a Green Twist


As the second-largest bank in Canada (and top-10 in North America), TD Bank has more than 85,000 employees and 22 million clients worldwide.

As a global organization, TD Bank is committed to the environment and views itself as a leader and educator. With more than 3,000 facilities worldwide, TD saw an opportunity to engage its employees and communities to promote environmental responsibility at work, at home, and in the community.

TD’s vision was to create a social engagement portal modeled after the concept of Cisco’s 1 million Acts of Green. Employees would commit to behavioral changes in the form of 'green' acts, but unlike 1 million Acts of Green, it would be a living and breathing interactive portal with no formal end date.

The goal was to educate, promote and allow staff to compete in a fun and innovative way. The system needed to be easy-to-use, and enable staff to log environmental activities, both ongoing acts, such as cycling to work, printing on both sides of a page or turning off monitors at the end of a workday, and as one-time acts, such as installing energy-efficient windows in your house or buying a fuel-efficient car. With each completion, points would be gained to indicate the user's rank and position within the system.

The objective of the project was to drive adoption of new, environmentally-friendly behaviors, which would be reinforced by the ‘friendly competition’ to be the most environmentally-active. The desired application combined internal marketing, corporate strategy, and front- and back-end development objectives.


TD quickly turned to its creative agency for advice. The agency had recently finished several successful projects on Advantage CSP and recommended TD consider it as an option.

After demoing the platform, TD agreed with the recommendation and selected Advantage CSP as the platform it was most confident in.

TD envisioned the new system would draw from conceptual paradigms, such as video games, mobile applications, and desktop applications, making it both fun to use and productive. Additionally, the portal was meant to be visited during working hours and therefore required users to accomplish activities in just a few minutes, with minimal effort. As such, the site needed to have an innovative, highly intuitive and user-friendly interface. In this regard, the project benefited from an experienced digital design team, combined with ease to develop on the flexible platform.

The result was an interactive social engagement platform that today has more than 30,000 active users. Advantage CSP allows TD to achieve its business goals and build out a truly unique online experience.

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