Managing Content Apps with One Click Publishing


Mylan is one of the largest companies of its kind in the world, manufacturing and marketing 1,400 different generic and specialty pharmaceuticals to retail, wholesale, government and institutional customers in 145 countries and territories.

Mylan like many pharmaceutical manufacturers was looking for unique ways to grow their market reach and strengthen their brand with both pharmacies and their clients. Due to the nature of their industry, Mylan operates in a sector where competitor products are nearly identical, pricing is regulated and buying power is in the hands of retailers, not the end consumer.

For Mylan to differentiate itself from the competition and gain an advantage in an extremely competitive industry, they sought to develop an innovative patient tool and supportive resource.

Mylan’s global digital team had begun the process of standardizing all of their digital properties across the 86 countries that they operated in on the Sitecore platform.

The Canadian Mylan Marketing team truly believed in the program and wanted their vision to come to life, so they petitioned for permission to break away from their U.S directive for Sitecore standardization and began the search for a platform that would allow them to execute their vision.


With the success of the Mylan Health Coach, the health and wellness portal built on Advantage CSP, Mylan looked to leverage the second-screen capabilities of Advantage CSP to develop a smartphone app. The result is Med Mentor: a smartphone app that helps patients adhere to their medication routine.

The smartphone app provides users a personalized experience, with built-in alarm, message box, and notifications, all geared at helping them take their medications.

The smartphone app facilitates refills with participating pharmacies, provides supportive health information, and rewards patients for medication adherence. Med Mentor helps distinguish Mylan from its competition, increases brand awareness with consumers and health care providers, and drives incremental sales through the strengthening of pharmacy partnerships.

Advantage CSP delivered on its promise of being a truly extensible and flexible framework, allowing Mylan to achieve its business goals and create a truly unique digital experience.


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