Fretori Launches New E-Commerce Enabled Website on Advantage CSP

Fretori, a leading host of Canadian cycling events, has launched their new e-commerce enabled website on Advantage CMS.

Designed by Stokely Design Associates and built by Moveable Online, this professional site features a clean, mobile-friendly, responsive layout. The integration of Snipcart into Advantage CSP provides a seamless e-commerce solution to power online registration for the Shimano Gran Fondo and the Fretori brand store.

Key to Fretori’s mission is the bringing together of the cycling community through events and community engagement, and the new website helps them achieve this by simplifying blogging and social sharing on the site.

Visit the new website at

About Fretori


Fretori is a platform to host cycling events. Our goal is to champion the merits of cycling through our annual event, the Shimano Gran Fondo and daily content that is backed by real experience.